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Lessons From A Crossroad

A few months ago, when I wasn’t very happy at my job (or generally, for that matter), what seemed like a golden opportunity landed in my lap, in the form of a LinkedIn direct message by a recruiter at a dream company.

Beyond the fact that this was probably too good to be true, I pursued the opportunity to see if it was worth my investment. I had several rounds of interviews — which seemed almost too easy, a concern of mine considering the esteem of the company.

Before I could blink, I sat with a job offer staring at me

Dear Instagram, It's Not You - It's Me

Hi! Long time no chat.

It’s been a busy month, to say the least. Since Easter, I broke up with my boyfriend of two years, received and rejected a job offer halfway across the country, went to Cabo with friends from college, and ended up in Tampa with my family. So I hope you understand why I went a bit AWOL on y’all. But great news: Here we are.

After I returned from my trip to Mexico, my headspace was a bit fuzzy. Being around skinny bikini clad girls will do that to you, I think. It brought up some body image issues and I noticed that negative self-talk was creeping in. Lately, I’ve been trying to be more positive and on the up and up lately, so this was not welcomed. 

In a moment of action, I simply deleted the Instagram app off my phone to see what it’d be like to not check it compulsively for a few days. I can’t remember a time when I didn’t have Instagram; it rose exponentially in popularity when I entered college and quickly became my preferred choice of social media. 

Why Being 22 Sucks

Did you ever watch the show Friends? I can’t say I’ve watched more than an episode, but it’s my roommate’s all time favorite show. And back in the good ole’ days when I was recruitment chair of my sorority, we did a Friends themed recruitment round - we took the friends theme song and changed the lyrics to be sorority-esque. So now, I know the theme song all too well (both the actual version and the sorority one).

Returning to my Roots for Guidance

My parent’s home in Buffalo is not glamorous. There also isn’t a lot to do in the city, and the weather isn’t usually great. Despite these things, I cherish each time I’m able to go home. My home-home, if you will. Not my home in D.C., but the OG home - my childhood crib. 

I love going home for a few reasons:

What I Didn’t Know About Post-Grad Life

I’m going to preface this post by saying that I’ve only been living my best post-grad life for about 3 months now, so one could argue I’m still a bit in the weeds of coming to my own.

One of the hallmarks of my personality is that I’m a steady eddy.

Looking Back at 2017 + Setting Goals for 2018

Most people look back at the year and go, “Oh, thank God it’s over - the next one will be better for sure! Next year is my year!” I must say though, I think 2017 was a great year overall. And I’m not saying it just because 17 was my favorite number when I was young…

Fall 2017 Motivations + Inspirations

Hey! Long time no see.

To be honest, right now blogging is not my #1 priority as I am spending quality time with my family before I move next week (!!!). But lately I have been reading and hearing things that are incredibly inspiring to me, and I wanted to share a few of these ideas + things with y'all.  It's like if you've ever read an article or heard an idea and stop and go, "Yes! That's what I'm talking about!". If you have any of those inspirational ideas, I'd love for you to share them with me - comment or DM me on Instagram.

This is What It Feels Like to Grow Up

I have this memory growing up of my babysitter and I playing softball together. She played for her university’s college team, I played for the local travel softball league. As a ten year old, you look at people in college and you don’t realize that they are only in college. In your ten year old mind, that person is an adult.