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September Recap + October Intentions

September Recap + October Intentions

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Is it just me, or did September fly by?! I think that is the theme for 2017 though, that it is just passing before my eyes and in my next blink it will be over! 

The beginning of September brought a bought of cool weather through Buffalo + two overnight visits from my brother. We watched his lovely black lab while he went camping in Maine, and it was great to see him if only for two nights. 

I then spent 4 days in DC with my mom searching for my first apartment. You can read more about my experience here, but I’ll sum it up by saying it was a brief yet exhausting visit - apartment hunting is no walk in the park, y’all. Thankfully my roommate and I agreed on an apartment and were able to get it! It doesn’t feel real yet, although I move two weeks today so I suppose it will be getting real soon enough.

My boyfriend drove back up with me to Buffalo to come visit for a few days since he has been abroad for the past four months, so we were able to spend some quality time together. We went running on the local trails (a site to see since neither of us have run outside in about a year), went to a Buffalo Bills bar crawl, toured the Frank Lloyd Wright house, binge-watched Game of Thrones, and picked raspberries. I also took him on a food tour of town, from Mighty Taco to the OG chicken wings to even an ice cream stuffed donut.

The last two weeks of September went by in a whirl - I didn’t even know it was October until my boyfriend pointed out I’d be moving in less than three weeks. The end of the month was full of warm weather (which meant lots of time outside), yoga, reading (I’m reading about one book every two days at this point), and working on stuff for my apartment from buying silverware to painting furniture. I spent a lot of time enjoying just being, recognizing the joys of being with family, and embracing the laid-back lifestyle. 

The new Whole Foods opened in Buffalo mid-month which as a health-nut I was hyped about, but I wasn’t able to check it out until after it opened. It was the mecca for all things healthy food, and I got some awesome new products to try.

Finally, I got LASIK eye surgery at the end of the month. Thank lord, no more contacts. Recovery has been pretty steady and I had 20/20 vision the next day.

Now it is finally October + the leaves are changing. I am headed off to Nashville today for homecoming + cannot wait to reunite with all of my friends! After that I will be home for a week before I drive down to officially MOVE to Washington D.C., and start my job at the end of month. Lots of exciting things happening over here! Since the month will be so chaotic, I was very intentional with my October intentions (ha ha) and kept them simple.

  1. Show gratitude each day by listing out a few things I’m grateful for. I’ve done this before but I like to do this for periods to remind myself how fortunate I am.
  2. Find stillness. With so much going on this month, I want to take time to breathe and step back to center myself, whether in my yoga practice or while unpacking.
  3. Eat slowly. This one is to remind myself of portion control, otherwise I end up eating a whole jar of almond butter.
  4. Use technology sparingly. I had this intention last month as well, and notice I enjoy my time on my computer + phone much more if I only allot myself a certain period of time on it.

My intentions are simple this month, but sometimes simple is good. Here’s to a fabulous October! 

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