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Fall 2017 Motivations + Inspirations

Fall 2017 Motivations + Inspirations

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Hey! Long time no see.

To be honest, right now blogging is not my #1 priority as I am spending quality time with my family before I move this week (!!!). But lately I have been reading and hearing things that are incredibly inspiring to me, and I wanted to share a few of these ideas + things with y'all.  It's like if you've ever read an article or heard an idea and stop and go, "Yes! That's what I'm talking about!". If you have any of those inspirational ideas, I'd love for you to share them with me - comment or DM me on Instagram.

  1. Refinery29 Money Diaries: If you are a millennial female and do not read these, get your ass over there right now. When I first stumbled upon the column about 10 months ago, I went nuts and read every single one. As someone who is learning how to budget + appropriately spend money and is curious about other people's habits, these articles struck a chord with me. There is a range from unemployed to six-figure income, from small cities in the US to major cities around the world. Lately I have been loving the six-figure income ones because I find it so inspiring to see #girlbosses kicking ass + working hard in the world.
  2. How I Built This podcast by NPR: I'd like to hire Guy Raz to narrate my life because he has the most perfect radio voice I've ever heard. But more importantly, he interviews people who have started incredibly success companies and how they made it. Of course I love the ones focused on female entrepreneurs, such as Sadie Lincoln (who founded Barre3), Kendra Scott, Kate Spade, and my absolute favorite: Sara Blakely (the creator of Spanx). If you're interested in business or success stories or cool entrepreneurs, check this out. 
  3. Adulthood Made Easy podcast by Real Simple: This podcast is over now, but it is perfect for the recent grad striking out on her own. The host, Sam Zabell, is totally relatable and covers topics like healthcare, negotiating salary, cooking for yourself, insurance, and more. She interviews some neat guests as well — all in all this is a great show for when you graduate college.
  4. The Crossroads of Should and Must by Elle Luna: I first heard about Elle while listening to Adulthood Made Easy! I was fascinated by her insightfulness and confidence while speaking and read her essay that made her an overnight sensation. This essay was incredibly inspiring and I will definitely be reading her book soon. I love the contrast between should and must, especially coming from an environment (cough, cough: college) that was focused on should. 
  5. The Opposite of Loneliness by Marina Keegan: I’m a little late to the game on reading this one but I found it refreshing to read a book where the author sounds like 22 year old self. Some of her essays are predictable, some left me confused, but all of them were enchanting in their own unique way.

Each of these podcasts, articles, books, etc. has served as an important reminder for me to never stop dreaming, achieving, and doing - even if there is failure along the way. I think that it is easy for us to fall into a life slump where we just keep going without knowing why we’re doing what we do and without reflecting on it. Hopefully these will help inspire you too! 

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