One Year Later: Thoughts on My Graduation Anniversary

I must admit, I don’t know how to feel about having graduated a year ago. Part of me thinks, “A year? Already?” but another part goes, “It’s felt like ages since you’ve been in college.” I’ve been trying to think of a word to best sum up how I feel - nostalgia? sadness? disbelief (at how fast time goes)? But I don’t know if I can find the right word for it. Photos of commencement are pasted all over my social media feeds. But it feels like a distant memory that only a year ago I stood in those shoes, wearing my gown and wondering how four years went by so damn fast. 

10 Things I’ve Noticed as an Adult (So Far)

Happy Sunday and happy Spring! While it may still be freezing here in DC, in my mind I'm running through a flower field toward summer. Hopefully DC can catch up to my mental image sooner rather than later. Rather than a money diary, because I had a cheap weekend after dropping an colossal amount of money on a new iPhone after mine died this week (RIP but it was a 6s so like it was time), I've come up with a list for you.

Cultivating Confidence After College

When I was in young, I was bullied, as many kids are at some point or another. To help build my confidence back up, my mom enrolled me in the youth theater program, where I danced, acted, and sang my heart out, even though I wasn’t very good at it. It got the job done and made me feel more confident in my own skin again, and eventually I realized I was better behind stage (lighting, sound, crew) than on it.

I didn’t think about the fact that starting my career I’d have to learn how to build up my confidence again.

Cultivating Healthy Habits after College

College is known for binge drinking, late night food runs, dining hall food, little to no sleep, and more. AKA a bunch of not so healthy habits to have. But, these are the pillars of the ultimate college experience - I definitely experienced these and I am not knocking them. But once you graduate these habits aren’t viable, alas, the transition to ‘adulthood.’ 

Journey to Adulthood: Week One On My First Job

Sunday night, in a moment of ambition, I set my alarm for my first day of work at 6 am so I could have time to work out and get the pre-work jitters out of my system. 

Monday morning rolls around and I wake up to a knock on my door from my roommate. In a dazed and confused state I open the door to her anxiously fretting saying that the power is out. Immediately my mind wakes up going from 0 to “OHMYGOODDD” in a matter of seconds.

How I Saved $860 On Furniture For My First Apartment

About a month before I moved, my brother offered me his Ikea furniture from his extra bedroom. I was like “oh yeah, jackpot”, but quickly realized that it would cost more to transport the furniture from Nashville to Buffalo to DC than the furniture would be worth.

But, with some creative thinking, I came up with a new idea.

11 Apartments, 2 days: What I Learned From Finding My First Apartment

I’m a big fan of Gretchen Rubin’s books. I’m all for personal development, growth, and reflection so I was naturally drawn to her books. I started with the Happiness Project, which is where I learned about the concept of satisficer vs. maximizer. I also learned about this idea in a college course on personal development. The basic concept is that satisficers seek “good enough” where maximizers want to make the “perfect” decision. Generally, people are a mix of both, and the tendency they show depends on the situation. 

More of Less: Post-Grad "Stuff" Overhaul

When I was packing up my room at the end of senior year to move home, I was so proud of my lack of stuff. My room was pretty organized and everything fit no problem, so I didn’t anticipate having a problem fitting it all into the car on the way home. I was surprised when my Rav4 was stuffed to the brim with assorted items and I still had a decent amount of boxes left in my room. 

Adulting: Apartment Hunting - Lessons I've Learned Thus Far

The first time I had to hunt for an apartment was last summer, but I’ll admit that the circumstances were a bit different. That summer I was looking for a two month rental that was furnished, and wasn’t too particular about the details since I was only there for such a short time. Fast forward to now where I have commenced the actual apartment hunt - trying to find the place I am going to live on my own, for real. I could live there for one year, or multiple years…who knows!

10 Books to Read Before Starting Your First Job

Anyone who knows me knows that I love to read. My mom always took me + my brother to the local library growing up, and I would check out so many books I couldn’t hold them all on the walk to the car! I love that reading encourages you to think differently, allows you to escape your reality, experience someone else’s perspective, and keeps your mind sharp by teaching you new things.